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Valet Entrance and Courtyard Area

We understand the importance of driving attendance for your vendors, sponsors and bottom line. Our in-house marketing team is here to help you maximize exposure of your event through our in-house marketing assets, social media and public relations efforts. Let us help you find creative ways to redefine the customer experience.

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Branding Opportunities Open PDF transcription

Welcome to the Palm Beach County Convention Center. Thank you for selecting us for your upcoming event. Included within this document is information which demonstrates some of our branding and sponsorship opportunities. You have the opportunity to brand your event as well as resell your licensed space to your affiliated prospective vendors, clients, exhibitors and attendees in the form of sponsorships. EVENT BRANDING As the licensing party for the PBCCC, your organization will have the option of branding your event name and logo throughout your licensed space at no charge to you. EVENT SPONSORSHIPS You may also sell areas within your licensed space as sponsorship opportunities to prospective vendors, clients, exhibitors and attendees to generate additional revenues for your event. Each sponsorship opportunity sold to a party other than the licensed party will incur event sponsorship fees as stated within our guide.

Marketing Services Open PDF transcription

Public events booked at the PBCCC are featured on the following:

Website Calendar of Events
Outdoor Marquee - Upcoming Events and Welcome Message
Social Media
Digital Signage throughout the facility on LCD screens

Please review the document that refers to further details or marketing/branding opportunities.