PalmCon 2022

September 17, 2022

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Words …

I am still finding it hard to find the right words to describe how I feel about PalmCon’s 10th Anniversary. Through all of the emotion the only word that comes to mind is satisfied. It was a lot of hard work to bring PalmCon back and after months of preparation … I am truly satisfied with how it all came together. I was able to see and connect with so many people who had attended PalmCon in the past, many I now call friends. So many amazingly talented artists who had been with PalmCon since year one and others who this was their very first PalmCon were on hand bringing their amazing talent to my home town for so many people to see and experience. Vendors from all over the state selling comics, cards, cookies and so much more filled the hall with their incredible items. We brought cosplay back to PalmCon and had a full show of some well crafted and truly unique costumes. There were costumed groups and sword fighters, informative and interesting panels and of course the staple of every PalmCon the PalmCon raffle.


A lot of people look at me as the source or the driving force behind PalmCon … and that’s just not the truth. So many people behind the scenes have pushed me to bring the show back and so many more helped to make this years event so special. I dare not make a list of names in fear of forgetting one, but trust me it’s a vast list of amazing people who deserve the credit so much more than I do. The day of the event it was those people that made the show happen and I am grateful. While I used the word satisfied to describe my feelings about the show … there is another feeling - gratitude. I have such a thankful heart … to every vendor, artist, guest, volunteer, sponsor, partner and to my family I can say but two short words that mean so much … thank you.


Martin T. Pierro

Promoter - PalmCon