Over the Holiday's we shared these recipes! Now you have your very own free printable cookbook with 25 recipes from our award-winning Executive Chef! Yes, these are what we categorize as holiday tastes, but these recipes can surely be used year around. Click the photo to see what Chef Mark's got you cooking today.


Spectra food services at the Palm Beach County Convention Center has brought the dining experience to the next level! Of all the factors that go into a great social event, only the cuisine touches all of the senses, making it the most memorable. This means you can expect dynamic rotating seasonal menus prepared with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. A feast for the eyes and the palate, our cuisine truly leaves a lasting impression.

Spectra food services brings to the Palm Beach County Convention Center their signature exhibition cooking techniques, trend setting buffet decor and high end catering carts paired with an award winning culinary team.

Unique culinary offerings satisfy even the most discerning tastes and budgets.

·  Spectra food services 7,800 square-foot kitchen ensures that the grandest events receive the greatest cuisine.