Modernizing Medicine - Kick-Off 2022 & WSCO

January 24, 2022 - January 29, 2022

ModMed Logo

Our Mission

To place doctors and patients at the center of care through an intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platform.

Our Vision

A world where the software we build increases medical practice success and improves patient outcomes.


What We Do

We create software for doctors by doctors.

Founded by a practicing physician and his patient, a successful software entrepreneur, our company took a dramatically different approach to developing our electronic health records (EHR) systems. We hired doctors and taught them how to code. The result is highly custom software specifically designed for the needs of each specialty. With the help of our doctors who code, our platforms are built for speed and efficiency.

We help practices save time.

What if you could get back some of the time you spend dealing with inefficient EHR work-arounds and outdated technology? At Modernizing Medicine, we create intelligent technology and services that speak the language of your speciality and adapt to YOUR preferences. We understand that in medicine, every minute matters. And if you had a few more of them, there’s no telling what you could do.

We build comprehensive software solutions.

Our EHRs lay the foundation for our all-in-one suites of integrated health solutions designed for multiple medical specialties. These solutions include practice management, revenue cycle management, payment processing, analytics, patient engagement tools and much more. These powerful products and services work together seamlessly—no separate logins necessary.

We provide access to in-depth knowledge and powerful applications.

We’ve combined our products and services with structured treatment and clinical outcomes data from millions of patient encounters. We’ve also created an API marketplace, opening the doors to a multitude of technologies. This gives you access to in-depth nationwide medical knowledge and powerful applications that can help you do what you do best: treat patients and improve healthcare.