PBCCC Reopening Plan

Getting Back to Business: Our COVID-19 Response to Reopen

To begin incrementally hosting modified events, the team here at the PBCCC have worked on a set of new guidelines. The guidelines are available to employees, all clients, stakeholders and media. Keeping the health and safety of guests, employees, and the community continues to be a priority. The PBCCC will continue to monitor policy changes from the CDC, county, state and federal mandates.

In preparation for our reopening, please check out our detailed reopening protocols and guidelines.

A Guide to Reopening the Palm Beach County Convention Center

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A Guide to Reopening the Palm Beach County Convention Center

GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation

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GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation

General Attendee FAQ

Planners Guide to Reopening

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Planners Guide to Reopening

COVID-19 & Reopening FAQ’s

The Palm Beach County Convention Center is currently closed for events through August 1, 2020. The exact timeline for reopening depends on state and local revisions to restrictions on public gatherings. When we’re able to welcome event activity back to the building, we will be fully prepared to do so, with enhanced policies and procedures in place for the safety of attendees, exhibitors, staff and business partners.

For additional information about regional public health orders, see the Palm Beach County COVID-19 Resource Page. We will continue to post updates here and stay in communication with event organizers regarding news and plans.

Our Commitment to Your Health & Well-being

We prioritize the health and safety of attendees, exhibitors, staff and business partners. Our team is committed to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness throughout our facility. In light of the dramatic changes to public health guidance due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have updated or enhanced many of our cleaning and safety protocols to help ensure the safety and security of everyone who walks through our doors. Current plans and protocols are outlined below. We expect to build on these plans as new information becomes available to us and as we continue preparing to reopen for meetings and events.

- Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the building and in close proximity to every meeting room door. The touch-free station dispenses will either an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol or an ethanol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
- All touch-points are disinfected on a continual basis during event hours and overnight. Touch-points include stair and escalator handrails, door handles, door crash-bars, elevator and ATM buttons, house phones, concession stand counters and tables, and common-area tables and benches.
- Restrooms are regularly and thoroughly disinfected during event hours. Restrooms feature touch-free soap dispensers, sink faucets, toilet fixtures, urinal fixtures and paper-towel dispensers. The touch-free designs reduce cross-contamination and encourage better hygiene.

Social Distancing:
- Capacity charts for all exhibit halls, ballrooms, and meeting rooms have been revised to allow for physical distancing standards.
- All public areas will be configured to include wider aisles and orderly queues, where needed. Some walkways may be designated “one way.”
- Where possible, public access doors will be designated as either entrance or exit only, to limit cross pedestrian traffic and personal contact.

Food & Beverage:
- All employees must complete health questionnaires at the beginning of each shift and wear masks, hairnets/hats and gloves.
- New menus creating to feature a wide selection of individually packaged meals.
- Breaks/Concessions – All food stations will be single service items pre-wrapped in tamper-resistant packaging. Attendants are required to pour coffee at stations.
- Banquets – All meals will be served with no presets on banquet tables. All silverware will be rolled and cannot be preset. Pre-wrapped disposable cutlery kits may be used as needed.
- Buffets – All buffets will be single sided and served by attendants. Signage will be displayed at the beginning of the buffet lines outlining the service standards.
- We will maintain strong and frequent cleaning and sanitation procedures daily.
- We will follow all sanitation protocol mandated by the CDC, federal, state, and local guidelines and/or restrictions for service stations, service carts, beverage stations, counters, handrails, dining tables, bar tops, stools and chairs and trays.

Parking Garage Updates:
- Cash and credit card payments will continue to be accepted at Kiosk Stations.
- Attendant Booths upon exit will now be Credit Card ONLY. Credit Card only is preferred to reduce points of contact for both guests and staff.
- All transaction lanes will be retrofitted with a “sneeze guard” barrier to provide space between the employee and guest.
- All parking attendants will wear PPE, including face masks and gloves.
- Static signage will be displayed throughout the parking lot promoting social distancing and any other county or state requirements applicable to the facility.
- At this time, Valet Parking services have been suspended until further notice.

Onsite Communications:
- Print and digital signage in public areas, including restrooms, reminds guests of important hygiene measures and physical distancing.

PBCCC Staff Protocols & Training:
- All employees are wearing face masks until further notice; some staff wear additional personal protective equipment suitable for their duties.
- All employees receive COVID-19 awareness training and continuous education for their roles.
- We instruct our employees to stay home when they feel ill, and to inform our Human Resources team immediately if they are aware of any possible exposure to COVID-19.

Last updated 6/19/2020. We are closely monitoring further guidance from the CDC, the Florida Department of Public Health and the Palm Beach County Department of Public Health. We will continue to update this page as we prepare to reopen for events.

General FAQ’S


Florida Department of Health

General Safety Questions

What Measures Have Been Taken by The Destination to Ensure There Is A Cohesive COVID-19 Response?
• Since the onslaught of the Coronavirus, the Palm Beach County Convention Center (PBCCC) has been in close contact with County and State officials and our partners at Discover The Palm Beaches to ensure our efforts are in synch for providing a uniform front in defeating the spread of the virus.
• You may visit Palm Beach County’s COVID-19 Response Page here.
• Our partners at Discover the Palm Beaches have taken the lead for Palm Beach County’s hospitality industry, providing resources and opportunities for local hotels and attractions.

What Medical Facilities in the Area Are Equipped To Handle Emergencies?
• The County of Palm Beach is the home of some of the state’s leading medical facilities. Two first class facilities are located in or near the downtown area in close proximity to the PBCCC: St. Mary’s Medical Center and Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Does the PBCCC have medical personnel on-site in the event someone is identified that needs isolation?
• No, but planners will have the option to provide on-site medical personnel at their expense. Contact the Event Planner for details about their Emergency Response Plan for isolation.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Will the PBCCC provide hand sanitizer stations in exhibit halls or meeting rooms?
• No, the PBCCC will not be placing hand sanitizers in event spaces. Event Organizers/Planners are responsible for providing hand sanitizers for their contracted space. PBCCC will provide hand sanitizers at exterior entry points and throughout the public spaces of the facility.

What New Sanitation Measures Are Being Taken by The Palm Beach County Convention Center?
The PBCCC has implemented the following sanitation measures for the reopening of our facility, each with the health and safety of our guests in mind:
• We have more than doubled our sanitizing availability throughout the facility.
• Our hand sanitizers are made with either an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol or an ethanol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
• Employees responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the building are undergoing training as part of the facilities requirements to attain the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) StarTM Certification.
• Touch points in public spaces, including doorknobs, elevator controls, escalator rails, and restrooms are cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent, ongoing, basis.

Health & Safety

Do you know if temperature checks will be required for the foreseeable future for events at PBCCC?
• Currently only PBCCC Employees and Subcontractors are required to be screened when entering the facility. Event Organizers/Planners are encouraged to do temperature checks for attendees and exhibitors, but not required. Contact the planners for event specific Screening Protocols.

Is the PBCCC providing thermal cameras at the facility?
• The PBCCC is currently not providing thermal cameras. However, the Center continues to review the effectiveness and possibilities of thermal imaging.

What are the PPE requirements for entering your facility and who will provide them?
• As of June 24, 2020, Palm Beach County is requiring anyone entering into the facility must wear a mask or will not be granted access to the venue.
• Once the executive order is released, masks will be encouraged but not mandated. Each Event Organizer will decide the extent to which masks may be desirable.
• PPE for an Event Organizer’s staff, exhibitors, attendees and any other personnel employed by the Event Organizer, will be the responsibility of the Event Organizer.

Will the PBCCC be providing face masks for event attendees?
• No, the PBCCC will not be providing facemasks for attendees.

What is your communication strategy around physical distancing and hygiene awareness?
• Visitors to the PBCCC can expect gentle reminders on required physical distancing and hygiene guidelines in the form of signage near elevators, escalators, high-traffic common areas, concession stands, restrooms, and any other place we can find to help reinforce protocols and guidelines. You also will see information on our interior monitors throughout the facility and outdoor digital billboards.

Venue Layouts & Crowd Control

How Will Movement Be Monitored Inside the Facility to Ensure Physical Distancing Measures Are Being Followed?
• We are currently crafting new policies and procedures to address movement, traffic flow, and meeting layout throughout the facility that will promote physical distancing according to the recommendations provided by Palm Beach County and the State of Florida.
• We are taking safety precautions in every area of the facility with the understanding that each event is unique. Our staff will work with clients individually to customize a plan that fits their specific event needs.

What Changes Are Being Made Inside the Facility to Ensure Physical Distancing?
Several areas of our facility are being redesigned with physical distancing in mind.
• We are making changes to our public spaces by rearranging furniture and other non-stationary items to ensure physical distancing during breaks in our lobbies.
• Changes are being made to the layout of our meeting rooms, ballrooms, and concession areas to promote safety at all times.
• Our sales team is working closely with our business partners to develop innovative, hybrid meeting packages that combine the latest technologies available for semi-virtual meetings.

How will we manage groups that gather in large groups in public spaces – consumer/sporting events before doors open; trade shows before the floor opens; medical groups with general sessions? What is required and how do we enforce?
• It is PBCCC’s expectation that the general public will follow guidelines established and published by the State of Florida Governor’s Office, Palm Beach County and the CDC. Similarly, our expectation is for the general public to self-govern and be responsible for their own wellbeing.

Additional Questions

What Measures Are Being Taken to Monitor the Health of Your Staff?
• The Palm Beach County Convention Center is taking the lead from Palm Beach County and the State of Florida to ensure that our workplace is in compliance with the most recent physical distancing guidelines.
• Before starting work for the day, every employee must complete a Wellness Screening and Health Check Questionnaire designed to detect any signs of COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. Any employee showing signs of possible exposure are sent home.
• Employees on duty will be equipped with masks, gloves, and other personal protection equipment necessary to perform their tasks with the health of the employee and everyone they come into contact with in mind.

If you are interested in learning more about the new plans taking place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center with you in mind, please visit to speak to a member of our Sales Team.

This document will be updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the most up-to-date information is readily available. LAST UPDATE: 06/26/2020